Roofing Air Spring Hammer

Structural analysis: merz/kley/partner, Dornbirn
Execution: Markus Kalb, Dornbirn

Industrial path – roofing over air spring hammer
Design: Robert Fabach

After almost two years of conception and realisation, the City of Dornbirn, the Dornbirn Municipal Archives under the directorship of Werner Matt, together with all the contributors and staff, are pleased to announce the opening of the “Stadtspuren”. This unique open-air museum in the Dornbirn city area tells stories of innovative ideas and constant change, of former large companies, working conditions and immigration at 15 stations; a search for traces along historical sites and objects, sponsored by the province of Vorarlberg and the Federal Ministry of Art and Culture. The opening of the industrial trail was celebrated centrally at the inatura on 07 May 2023, representing all the stations.
The air spring hammer from 1908 was rescued from a Rüschwerke workshop and set up and restored in front of the inatura – Naturschau workshop building. A fragment of the old drive shaft is mounted above the hammer on a historic steel structure, which is now driven by an electric motor via old leather belts for demonstration purposes. To provide protection from direct rain and snow, a flying roof was to be erected over the hammer.
In order to minimise the roofing and to continue the design language of the historical construction and the adaptation of 1998, the roof was welded only from 8 mm thick steel sheets, which achieve a high stability and load-bearing capacity through the folded shape. Big Thanks to Gordian Kley (statics, kmp engineers, Dornbirn) and locksmith Markus Kalb and his men for their congenial contribution.

“Architecture in view” – City traces excursion with Robert Fabach
Friday, 26 May 2023
Station 7 – Sägen to Station 10 – Workers’ house by Hanns Kornberger

Architectural visions from19th-21st century
Architecture and industrial enterprises are shaped by hopes and visions of the future.
The change of these visions on the basis of architectures and urban traces along the Müllerbach and the coexistence of the times. From the early industrial factory halls and historicising industrial buildings to their becoming history and musealisation in the transition to digital realities.

concept image, Sägen

Municipal archive Dornbirn, Illustration: Fabach