Birdhouses 'Vorarlberger Baukunst'

Handwerk+Form, competition entry
Werkraum Bregenzerwald
Andelsbuch/Austria, 2006

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach

Four examples of the remarkable development of the recent history of Vorarlbergian architecture were chosen as reference for this series of birds-houses.

Their clear structure and consistent materialization granted them to become real „standards“. The models are precise
abstracts of the original houses in the scale 1:33. The birdshouses are all handcrafted with the same kind of
wood as their respective originals.

Communicating architecture to bird-friends
Children and adults are often emotionaly linked with birdshouses and its feathered visitors. Especially children
are experiencing a kind of early imprinting. The architectural birdshouses offers them a basic idea of the
beauty of modern architecture. Respectively modern architecture from Vorarlberg.

Communicating wildlife to architecture-friends
The hardships of the search for asthetical birdshouses do have an end. The raumhochrosen-architecturalbirdshouses-
series are offering fully functional feedinghouses and breeding boxes. The formal elements of the
originals are perfectly used for the purpose of feeding and breeding.

Producer: Martin Bereuter

Photography: Christian Grass and Natter Bereuter