Greber Hören Sehen

Interior design of an optical shop in a historical building
Hohenems/Austria, 2009

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach

Widening the Historical
The challenge was to insert a shop for an optican with 400 m2 in a historical building at the center of Hohenems, that experienced various additions on a quite narrow site.

An intelligent sequence of portal, shopwindow, sales area for optical glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses:. We developed an attractive presentation environment, a bar to service the customer and a bar for a coffee in between,followed by a workshop, waiting lounge, audiology rooms and restroom for disabled.
The low ceiling in the sales area was eased by a structured ceiling landscape opening the space between the old wooden beams. The bands of light, woven into the ceiling grid and the light, slightly shaded colouring are enriching the room. Like the ceiling, space is dissolved in layers and levels. The shelves are running along the exterior walls, get detached, creating space for the workshop and follow the wall deep into the space.

Design, scheme and execution: raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach, Team: Heike Schlauch, Robert Fabach, Benjamin Miatto

Photography: Studio 22, Marcel Hagen