Housing Project, Bregenz

Social Housing
98 apartment units
Bregenz/Austria, 2009

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach in cooperation with A+ZT GmbH – Gerhard Gruber

Urbanistic stress field – between former industrial area and small housing estates, between city street and biotope

The five well scaled buildings are arranged after two converging axes. This composition supported by neatly arranged differences in height and plantings creates diverse and identity creating exterior spaces.These are at the same time links between urban context and the adjacent nature preserve area.

Artistic colouring
In the common areas benches and an artistic colouring are additionally offered.
Herefore the artist Brigitte Menschhorn was commisioned to do oil paintings with motives of flowers. The context of this is the fact that the site used to be a market garden. A lot of plants in the neighborhood come from this time and also the heigh box tree at the entrance of the site. Motives of flowers now remind of the history of the site.

Client: VOGEWOSI – Vorarlberger gemeinnützige Wohnbau- und Siedlungsentwicklungsgenossenschaft, Hansjörg Österle

Landscape architecture: Barbara Bacher, Linz

Public art: Brigitte Menschhorn, Dreistetten

Photography: Bruno Klomfar, Albrecht Schnabel