Office in Bregenz

Interior construction at the top floor of a town house
Bregenz/Austria, 2007

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach

The tailored Think Tank Interior Design
The attic, this interior project is situated in, was adapted during the refurbishment of an old urban house. The communication adviser Hans-Joachim Gögl had acquired it and commissioned raumhochrosen with the interior design..
We created a highly individual space for concentrated work and productive meetings. This space, serving as the main instrument and interface for this practice was specially tailored to the needs and qualities of its user.

The great meeting room dominates the first view. Behind a thick wall a workplace for an assistant, archives and a private office are provided. A discreet kitchen unit serves for coffee and more and opposes a wide and comforting lounge at the very other end of the meeting room. A place for chats, productive meditation and a relaxing atmosphere. In the long run the office should be convertible into a living unit with little effort.

Broad floor boards made of larchwood, brushed and slightly withened form the solid base. A thick freestanding wall in the middle functions as archive, bookshelf and load bearing column. A series of elevating bays in the ceiling increase the free hight of 2,50m and a sensible lighting concept makes the overall room perceptible and allows the shift through various lighting moods.

Ambivalences and options are extremly important for creative work and its flow. This ambivalences are provoced by a special colouring. Five shades of white had been applied and according to the changes of weather and personal moods, the room is revealing new aspects of its character.

Carpentry: Schmidinger Möbelbau

Photography: Georg Alfare