Memory Tree

an exhibition on dementia in collaboration with 'KunstVorarlberg'
14th of February - 17th of March, Villa Claudia
Feldkirch/Austria, 2013

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach

This double image deals with the fragmentary nature of our perception.
When there are uncontrollable changes it can be a picture puzzle of happiness and threat.

What remains.
Building on the experience of those affected and on the descriptions of caregivers this work deals with the question of normality. Of the relationship between the perceived and faded out. Of the relationship between threat and vitality, how to deal with change.
How complete is the image of reality in a ‘normal’ perception? Are we unhappy because something is missing? Are we incomplete because something has disappeared behind the frame?

Title: ‘What remains.’ MDF lacquered, photo printing,
approx. 105 × 80 × 3cm

Photography: Matthias Weissengruber

Video from Julien Nagel, short version